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Property and Hospitality Management Service

property onboarding

guest communication

listing administration

security & wellness

turnover management

We take care of the things that matter most to your clients so you can spend your time doing what matters most to you.

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
Property Set-Up

A to Z

We get you started, and take care of everything you can need to set up your property

from A to Z.

Customer Service
24/7 Guest Support


Our support staff is available around the clock to interact with guests, and provide them with the support they need when they need it

Image by Carlos Muza
Listing Management


We've taken the guess work out of knowing what it takes to maximize outcomes. We manage your calendar, pricing, and payments to get you the most out of your property. 

Property / Guest Wellness

No Guest Left Behind

Our methods, systems, and staff ensure your property and guests are well cared for, in real-time to ensure wellness. 

Luxury Soap
Hospitality Service

Ample Amenities

We offer hotel-style, environmentally-friendly guest amenities for bathrooms and kitchens along with premium Coffee, Tea, and Spring Water.

Housekeeping & Turnover

Clean = Happy

We raise the bar when it comes to creating clean, healthy, and welcoming environments ...EVERY TIME!

At Modern Day Stay, we work with you as a partner to help you maximize, and get the most value out of your property. Through our efforts, we work tirelessly to provide you and guests with a great experience. Our service includes hosting, guest interactions, and complete property management. 

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